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Gregory Institute has been training trainees in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy, Counselling and Coaching for over 30 years. Many trainees have successfully passed the Certified Transactional Analysis exam.

Here you can learn Transactional Analysis, from the first Official TA 101 course, through to the Advanced TA theory modules.

Learn TA theory with Linda Gregory in the comfort of your home, in your own time. Linda has a passion for teaching TA and helping others grow and change unhealthy beliefs and patterns.

Only qualified trainers can teach the official TA 101 course and issue certificates. Once you have completed TA 101 and received your certificate it allows you to apply for membership of ATAA or ITAA, and you can proceed to Advanced Training.

What Is Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysis training course is theory and tools for Counselling, Psychotherapy, Coaching, Education Skills, Management Skills in Organisations, as well as for anyone wanting people skills.

Transactional Analysis training theory course is a model for understanding and improving human behaviour, most importantly, communication and relationships. It was originally developed in the 1950s by the late Eric Berne, MD.

Most people have heard of the books, Games People Play and I’m OK You’re OK.

My New Book

Three Paths to Autonomy & Self-Actualisation for Therapists & Clients

Three Paths To Autonomy & Self-Actualisation

Three paths has many gifts for you;

  • A workbook for Transactional Analysts, (and all others in the helping professions) to introduce clients, (and yourself) to Spirituality, Self-Actualisation, and Transcendence.
  • All people, consciously or unconsciously, are longing to find their purpose in life, to be on their path to self- actualisation, and connect to their deep inner spiritual self.
  • Spiritual connection is essential for mental health and wellbeing.
  • Connection to Universe/ Source/God/Higher-Self/Spirit/ Entelechy/Love all being the same, brings joy and happiness and cures other ills in life.
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  • Spiritual connection brings us back into balance with our natural state of Being, regaining Autonomy; Awareness, Spontaneity and Intimacy.
  • Discover what has been stopping you, and clients from finding your purpose and reaching self-actualisation.
  • Learn to work in/with the Quantum field (QF) of all possibilities. There are many meditations in this book to experience the QF, connect deeply with all parts of self, and learn to use the power of the QF to manifest intentions.
  • Three paths is suitable for anyone wishing to find their purpose in life, to be consciously on their spiritual path to self-actualisation, and transcendence.
  • Several meditations are presented for Redecisions, integrating parts of self, healing, and connecting to spirit.
  • Find answers to, Who am I, Why am I here, What is my purpose?
Three Paths To Autonomy & Self-Actualisation

Now available in Chinese

“Dr Linda Gregory is a world-renowned psychotherapist, author, educator and meditator. Three Paths is her latest publication and possibly her best to date. Dr Gregory takes us on a journey of self-discovery, diving deep into who we are, why we exist, and our true purpose in life.

Whether you are an experienced therapist, a client in therapy or just someone wanting to reach the pinnacle of self-actualization, Three Paths is your manual and guide to mind, body and spiritual awakening.

Three Paths guides us on using the Quantum Field (QF) through specific meditations, therapeutic techniques and deep self-awareness and refection. I would recommend Three Paths to anyone who wants to know how to manifest intention and enjoy life the way we are all meant to live.”

Tony Conley
Therapist and Executive Coach

“Hi Linda, just wanted to send you a quick message and let you know that I’m almost half way through your book! I’ve enjoyed it and found the meditations extremely powerful and helpful. Thank you! Kind regards, Anu”

Interview and information on my new book. Three Paths to Autonomy and Self-Actualisation

My book is an integration of Transactional Analysis, Spirituality, and the Quantum Field. It is a workbook for therapists and clients to work to reach their full potential in areas of life. Three Paths book has many gifts for you.

“When you are present in this moment, you break the continuity of your story of the past and future.
Then true intelligence arises, and also love.”
– Eckart Tolle

Who Is Transactional Analysis Training Suitable For

Individuals and Couples

Who want to have a better relationship and understanding of themselves and their partner/spouse and communicate more effectively with each other.


Principals, Teachers, Trainers and Educators wanting more effective ways of getting their information across. Children pick up the fundamentals of TA really quickly too. Ongoing training using the Proficiency Awards structure is great for educators.


Managers, Team Leaders, Human Resource, Health & Safety personnel, Consultants and Trainers who want improved workplaces, working relationships and customer service.


Voluntary and Church groups who wish to have a better understanding of how to work more effectively with people.

Trainers, Therapists and Counsellors

Certainly useful for Coaches, Mentors, Psychotherapists, Counsellors will benefit from this course as clients value the educational aspect of understanding the dynamics of their difficulties. TA is a very powerful theory for producing long lasting change.


Who wants to improve his/her relationships with family, friends and work colleagues.

Where is Transactional Analysis Useful

Above all, Transactional Analysis is a theory of Communication, a theory of Personality used for better understanding of why we do what we do. As a result of putting TA into practice, people will improve relationships with others and it is certainly an excellent model for personal growth and change.

Firstly, Transactional Analysis when used in counselling and psychotherapy with individuals, groups, couples and families, provides understanding and ways to work through distress, difficulties, everyday problems and changes in their life.

Secondly, TA is a powerful tool for management, communication training, and organisational health; because it provides the skills and mindset to manage and create healthy workplace relations and culture.

Thirdly, in the Educational area TA is an excellent tool which provides information and skills suitable for all ages in the learning process, because it allows clear communication and avoids setting up unproductive confrontations.

As a result, Transactional Analysis can be used whenever there is a need to understand individuals, relationships and communication.

Services Linda offers via SKYPE:


Psychotherapy for individuals and couples. Using Transactional Analysis and Imago Therapy.


For individuals and couples.


Team building and stress management.
For improving management and supervision skills.


Qualified Clinical and Counselling Supervisor.
PACFA approved.

Direction in Spiritual Growth

Learning to connect to the Quantum field of the Universe, the field of all possibilities, to manifest and create the life you desire, plus much more.

Books Available Now

Transactional Analysis

Past, Present & Future

Clearing your past, for living in the present, and as a result, manifesting your dreams and goals.

Everyone has a past, everyone has a present, the future is not written yet.

The question is, do we allow the past old beliefs to sabotage our future. Many people today know they have the ability to manifest goals and dreams in their lives, and yet, even though they put the techniques into practice, it often does not work.

Why? Because we all carry around old home movies in our head, some embarrassing some treasured, and some negative. We tend to hang onto them. Old negative beliefs about Self, Others and Life can block our success.

Most importantly, this book is about clearing your past and outlines clear steps to manifest your goals and dreams.

Secondly, reaching your full potential and being open to your spiritual self can be the result.

Preventing Domestic Violence by Promoting Non Violence

Transactional Analysis
Early environment and scripting cause Domestic Violence, Changes are required to bring Non-Violence.

This book follows on from my thesis research that has examined what male social workers believe to be the causes of domestic violence and, more importantly, what they believe causes non-violence between partners.

The research was a qualitative study of interviews with men, mostly social workers, who worked with both perpetrators and victims of domestic violence.

The aims of the research are to provide some answers as to why, despite the attention given to domestic violence and the provision of DV treatment programs by social workers and counsellors, in both public and private sectors, the problem remains intractable.

Transactional Analysis

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