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    Linda Gregory

    My Thoughts for this week. My thinking might well be different from yours. Let me know…lets discuss.

    Most of us, I believe, know that everything on the planet was created by, and is sustained by, an invisible omnipresent energy. We can call it, mother nature, universe energy, source energy, divine energy, Love, higher intelligence, God or use scientific terms such as the quantum field, the field of all possibilities. All these terms speak of the same invisible field of energy and unfathomable intelligence. I love how Spirituality and science are coming together.

    This amazing intelligence governs all. It is within us all and all around us. It grows plants from seeds, creates weather, breathes the universe, changes the seasons, creates and keeps the laws of nature functioning. It is innate in all living matter.

    Therefore this divine energy or quantum field of energy is also within us. We are created by it and therefore are of divine energy; it lives within each of us. We are all one with this energy. We are not separate from divine energy, it is our higher self within us.

    Since this higher intelligence within us keeps our heart beating, digests food, breaths air in our lungs, grows our hair and fingernails, balances hormones and chemicals within, and many more functions, all done at the same time and without us having to direct it, all done unconsciously. We don’t have to even be paying attention. Does it not make sense that this higher intelligence knows more and can do much better than our lower ego human mind? We need to step out of our way and allow this higher intelligence to guide our life. A major key I have learned is to listen, listen, to the still small voice inside us. This voice from our higher intelligence will guide us. We can ask a question and then wait patiently for the answer to come. It may come at once or take some time.

    Learning to stop negative thinking and quieten our human mind, listening to the higher intelligence, allows us to live in the Now of life. Living in the Now moment by moment allows us to be directed by the divine inside, to live in a flowing state of Love. We are then allowing the Quantum field of all possibilities to create our life. This I believe is our main goal in life. Meditation is an excellent way to quieten our mind.

    Look forward to hearing your idea. More next week.

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