Thoughts Become Things

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    Linda Gregory

    To me, this is a huge topic for discussion. I could write a book on this alone. I have certainly experienced over the years how my thoughts have often become reality. We become and create what we think about most of the time.

    If thoughts become things, then I need to choose good positive thoughts. That is easier said than done of course. My mind, and I think this is true for most, is always thinking. My thoughts are usually about future planning. What needs to be done. People tend to either think about the past or the future most of the time. Rarely do we put our attention on the Now of life.

    Learning to master my mind by thinking only positive thoughts and attempting to live in the Now of life is my current focus. How am I doing? Getting there but by no means perfect yet, but I do know the importance of doing it.

    All our thoughts create chemical responses in our bodies, which in turn create feelings. Then when we are having a feeling, we think about how we are feeling and why. This may well reinforce old negative beliefs. This creates a repetitive loop. This can be positive or negative.

    For example, I can start the day thinking… “this day is going to be wonderful,” the chemical released in my body will create an uplifted feeling. With this feeling, I can decide life is great.

    Or I can run an old belief of, for example… “things will go wrong today.” This thought causes a negative chemical release and feels bad. From feeling bad, I may run an old belief of, “Life is hard.” Not what I want! Holding on to old negative beliefs and re-playing them creates them to manifest and become our reality. Our life stays true to our beliefs.

    Anything that affects our thinking, affects our lives and nothing affects our thinking more than our beliefs. Therefore old negative beliefs need to be changed and replaced with positive beliefs. The plasticity of our brains allows us to make changes, fortunately.

    We are all one, connected to each other, therefore, the thoughts we think affect not only ourselves, they broadcast out to the Universe, causing effects, positive or negative, to those around us, often on a subconscious level.

    We all need to be responsible for what we put out there. Choose good thoughts, send out good vibes to others.

    How do I do that? Change takes time. If and when I notice I am having a negative thought, I let it pass by my mind like a cloud in the sky. I don’t give it attention by engaging with it. I say to myself….”Let that one go.”

    Next week I will talk about the benefits of learning to live in the Now of life.



    Rebecca Fisher

    Great article Linda!

    Rebecca Fisher

    Thank you. Very interesting.

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