Past, Present, Future


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Everyone has a past, everyone has a present, the future isn't written yet. The question is, do we allow our past to sabotage our future?
Many people today know that they have the ability to manifest goals and dreams in their lives, and yet for many, even though they put the techniques into practice, it does not work so well. Why?

We all carry around old home movies in our heads, some bad, some embarrassing, some treasured. We tend to hang onto them. Old negative beliefs about ourselves, others and life can unconsciously block our success in manifesting our dreams and goals. This book is about clearing your past in order to live in the present, and outlines clear steps to manifest dreams and goals. Reaching your full potential, and becoming open to your spiritual self can be the result.

By clearing our past and learning to use consciousness positively, and applying the law of attraction we can manifest the positive and happy life we want. The key is changing or stepping away from early outdated decisions and then learning how to manifest our positive intentions.

To reach self-empowerment is to discover what your unique purpose in life is, discover what you have to give, what you are meant to become.

The last chapters of the book discuss using the Law of Attraction to create what you desire in life. Our thoughts and beliefs become what turns up in our life. Learning to change old beliefs, and to have positive thoughts, is essential to creating the life we want.

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