Preventing Domestic Violence by Promoting Non Violence


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Domestic Violence is a major and tragic problem in our society. What causes it? How can we stop it?

To find answers to these questions I wanted to take a positive approach; rather than just focusing on the problems of DV, I decided also to look at the fact that the majority of men in our society are not physically violent to their partners. The question of what keeps these men from resorting to violence in their relationships, along with their views on causes of DV, forms the core of this work.

Social workers, experienced in the area of domestic violence were interviewed, and this book presents their views on causes of domestic violence. Then looking at the positive side, asking the question, "what causes you to avoid being physically violent to your partner?

This book discusses the interesting and revealing research findings and explores changes that need to occur to promote non-violence in relationships and society. Aspects of treatment for domestic violence are discussed in the conclusion.

Early environment and scripting, causes Domestic Violence, changes are required to bring Non-Violence.


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