Three Paths To Autonomy & Self-Actualisation


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Three paths has many gifts for you;

  • A workbook for Transactional Analysts, (and all others in the helping professions) to introduce clients, (and yourself) to Spirituality, Self-Actualisation, and Transcendence.
  • All people, consciously or unconsciously, are longing to find their purpose in life, to be on their path to self- actualisation, and connect to their deep inner spiritual self.
  • Spiritual connection is essential for mental health and wellbeing.
  • Connection to Universe/ Source/God/Higher-Self/Spirit/ Entelechy/Love all being the same, brings joy and happiness and cures other ills in life.
  • Spiritual connection brings us back into balance with our natural state of Being, regaining Autonomy; Awareness, Spontaneity and Intimacy.
  • Discover what has been stopping you, and clients from finding your purpose and reaching self-actualisation.
  • Learn to work in/with the Quantum field (QF) of all possibilities. There are many meditations in this book to experience the QF, connect deeply with all parts of self, and learn to use the power of the QF to manifest intentions.
  • Three paths is suitable for anyone wishing to find their purpose in life, to be consciously on their spiritual path to self-actualisation, and transcendence.
  • Several meditations are presented for Redecisions, integrating parts of self, healing, and connecting to spirit.
  • Find answers to, Who am I, Why am I here, What is my purpose?

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