Three Paths To Autonomy & Self-Actualisation


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Three paths has many gifts for you;

  • A workbook for Transactional Analysts, (and all others in the helping professions) to introduce clients, (and yourself) to Spirituality, Self-Actualisation, and Transcendence.
  • All people, consciously or unconsciously, are longing to find their purpose in life, to be on their path to self-actualisation, and connect to their deep inner spiritual self.
  • Spiritual connection is essential for mental health and wellbeing.
  • Connection to Universe/ Source/God/Higher-Self/Spirit/ Entelechy/Love all being the same brings joy and happiness and cures other ills in life.
  • Spiritual connection brings us back into balance with our natural state of Being, regaining Autonomy; Awareness, Spontaneity and Intimacy.
  • Discover what has been stopping you, and clients from finding your purpose and reaching self-actualisation.
  • Learn to work in/with the Quantum field (QF) of all possibilities. There are many meditations in this book to experience the QF, connect deeply with all parts of self, and learn to use the power of the QF to manifest intentions.
  • Three paths are suitable for anyone wishing to find their purpose in life, to be consciously on their spiritual path to self-actualisation, and transcendence.
  • Several meditations are presented for Redecisions, integrating parts of self, healing, and connecting to spirit.
  • Find answers to, Who am I, Why am I here, What is my purpose?

Book Reviews

"Dr Linda Gregory is a world-renowned psychotherapist, author, educator and meditator. Three Paths is her latest publication and possibly her best to date. Dr Gregory takes us on a journey of self-discovery, diving deep into who we are, why we exist, and our true purpose in life.

Whether you are an experienced therapist, a client in therapy or just someone wanting to reach the pinnacle of self-actualization, Three Paths is your manual and guide to mind, body and spiritual awakening.

Three Paths guides us on using the Quantum Field (QF) through specific meditations, therapeutic techniques and deep self-awareness and refection. I would recommend Three Paths to anyone who wants to know how to manifest intention and enjoy life the way we are all meant to live."

Tony Conley
Therapist and Executive Coach

This book gives the reader an understanding of how humans’ structure time with insight into how we “play games” to maintain connection with the other. This Book bridges the gap between Transactional Analysis psychotherapy, science and spirituality, Linda has brought her knowledge that she has built up over many years through being an educator; therapist and women that has explored life, she offers the reader a transitional overview of where the next step in the evolution of therapy is heading. By incorporating Mediation practice scripts into this book, Linda offers the therapist ways to connect with the client; to dive deeper into the world of the client and their many facets that make up their life, both light and dark aspects of the person.

Linda also encourages the therapist to take their own step into their world which they might not have explored before, by following these meditative steps helps the reader open to the possibility of exploring what is behind the Mask, of the Ego and the emotions, Linda offers the opportunity to see the space between these two dualities, where life can change, and possibilities are born.

By offering the reader the exploration into their own self Linda creates a live contract with the reader through to become more acquainted with spirituality, and the Quantum Field. The potential for change within is the very essence of what Transactional Analysis stands for.

Acceptance, non- judgemental heart felt connection with self and others.

This Book helps in this changing time to become cognisant of who we are as a human.

Sarah Goddard
Transactional Analysis Practitioner

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