Imago & TA Relationship Skills

Imago & TA Relationship Skills – $350.00


Imago therapy was developed by Harville Hendrix

This course will show you how to create the relationship of your dreams. These skills are not only for your partner relationship but also for all relationships. Children, family, friends and work relationships.

We will start the course by improving communication and showing you how to resolve issues and make the changes you desire without fighting.

This course is designed ideally for couples to work through together, however, if only one person is interested in doing the course then that one person can make a lot of changes in the relationship. One person can change what they do, put the new skills into practice, and changes will occur. When the other person starts to experience the changes, they may then become interested in learning the skills as well and start the course.

This course is also ideal for singles who want to correct past mistakes and be ready to start a new relationship with improved skills. Ideal also for young people who are getting ready to start their first relationship. A great gift to give your young adult to get them started to create a wonderful happy relationship.

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