volunteer review of “Three Paths to Autonomy and Self Actualisation”

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Following is a volunteer review of “Three Paths to Autonomy and Self-Actualisation for Therapists and Clients” by Linda Gregory Ph.D..


5 out of 5 stars


Dr. Linda Gregory, a psychotherapist of renown, has published her latest book entitled Three Paths to Autonomy and Self-Actualisation for Therapists and Clients. The author takes us on a spiritual journey through carefully constructed ideas and facts while gently nudging each person to individualize the experience. Throughout the twenty-one chapters, Doctor Gregory puts forward insightful questions that we ought to think of consciously and answer honestly. Dr. Gregory has done an exceptional job interconnecting Transactional Analysis psychotherapy, spirituality, and science and laying the groundwork for the evolution of therapy.

There are many things to appreciate about this book. Firstly, this book has helped me realize that life is not as insurmountable as I have made it for myself. However, I have come to many a conclusion regarding who I am and what my purpose is. After failing to sit still and meditate for several years, finding a book that has not only made me try again but succeed is monumental. Secondly, this book has made me cognisant of spirituality without perpetuating religious propaganda. Religion is based on spirituality, yet spirituality can exist independently. I will also mention that the editing is virtually flawless.

Moreover, I mostly liked the book because even though it is intended for professionals or people with prior knowledge of transactional analysis, I did manage to read and understand most of it. In terms of the structure of each paragraph, the author leaves no stone unturned or questions unanswered. Her writing style makes reading the book feel like a conversation over a cup of tea. I did not find any negative aspects while reading this book. The only reason one would be unsatisfied with this book is due to an inability to converse with oneself, in which case a few of the points made turn moot.

We have always battled with identifying our life’s purpose. To some, it is second nature, yet others have to go through many psychological experiences to reach a conclusion that feels right. Being without a purpose in life is tragic, fortunately, Dr.Gregory not only validates our feelings but builds a pathway toward inner peace. The author also encourages therapists to follow meditative steps and methods to connect to their clients more profoundly. For all of the reasons I have iterated earlier, I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

I feel confident in recommending this book to anyone above the age of eighteen, but specifically to therapists or clients. I don’t feel that this book is appropriate for teenagers because the themes approached are on a very deep level of cognizance. Read this book at your own risk because it opens up something in you. Let the healing begin!

Three Paths to Autonomy and Self Actualisation
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