Three Paths Book Review by Laura Balga

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The following is a review of “Three Paths to Autonomy and Self-Actualisation for Therapists and Clients” by Linda Gregory Ph.D.


4 out of 5 stars


Three Paths to Autonomy and Self-Actualisation for Therapists and Clients by Linda Gregory is a timely and handy workbook written in an accessible manner for all readers. The book is not too long and can be kept as a quick reference for daily reminders, meditation practice, or journaling topics. The subject matter is appropriate for those seeking straightforward prompts for clearer self-awareness and assurance for doing so.

The discussion is on point with current popularly discussed themes involving feminine/masculine energy, detachment, finding your purpose, and Inner Child issues, and is helpful for many concerns like overall healing, career changes, decision making, or deeper meaning in life.  The book also contains references to other sources, which may be useful to someone new to the theories, or who may want to learn more from other thought leaders. The concept of Redecision introduced by Linda Gregory is an insightful suggestion or reframe for a way to resolve or change an uninformative choice made as a child that serves no purpose except continued struggle as an adult.

There are many meditation practices included, which could also be very useful at meditation centers/groups for scheduled programs or classes. The meditation work is divided easily and effectively described to guide one through the usual life concerns in order to reach some clarity, peace or inspiration. Interesting to note was the thought that meditative practice could be beneficial to the world at large if more people did it collectively and more often, if not daily, because the energy would shift consequentially on a quantum level in the universe. Certainly, a positive experience and experiment that should be considered!

Three Paths to Autonomy and Self Actualisation
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