review of “Three Paths to Autonomy and Self Actualisation”

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The following is an official review of “Three Paths to Autonomy and Self Actualisation” by Linda Gregory Ph.D…


4 out of 4 stars


“This book, Three Parts to Autonomy and Self Actualizatuon, is written by Linda Gregory. In twenty-one chapters, Linda tries to break down the concepts of self-actualization and spiritual awakening. Experienced in handling clients through therapy, the author provides methods through which therapists can handle their patients. Linda lays down step-by-step methods that help in patient analysis.

In a bid to answer numerous questions that burden the heart of man, Linda pens this book in an exceptional manner that helps everyone connect to and understand their inner being. Answers are also provided to questions we ask ourselves daily, like who am I? Or what our purpose here on earth is.

There are so many things to like about this exceptional book. First, it opened my eyes to the deeper aspect of life. I learned about decision making, re-decision making, transactional analysis, and even how to meditate properly. From this book, I figured out the importance of these questions we all have and the seeming way to find out the answers to these questions. The author tries to make a point that connecting to God or a higher being may help us live a more fulfilled and happy life. This book tries to connect the reader to their spiritual being and show them the importance of it.

Also, although we all seemingly struggle with identifying our purpose in life, this book lays down a pathway to identifying our natural purpose. I’ve struggled to understand meditation, but this book made understanding it and its importance very simple. Every day we are handed a unique problem; it can be in different forms. But what matters is how to face these problems, and that is what this book is all about. I could go on and on about the positive takeaways from this book, but I will like to stop here. There was nothing worthy of note that I encountered while reading this book. I will say this book has no negative aspects.

There are so many reasons this book will get a perfect rating from me. The first is that it was exceptionally well edited; I didn’t come across any grammatical or spelling mistakes in this book. Also, it was written in an easy-to-understand manner. This book serves as a form of therapy too. Finally, it encourages spirituality and brings the reader closer to God. That in mind, this book gets four out of four stars.

This book is, of course, highly recommended by me. It will be most beneficial to therapists. Also, people who want to find their purpose in life should not waste any time reading this book. You’d come back to thank the author. “

Three Paths to Autonomy and Self Actualisation
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