Thought for the day from the Little Box of Miracles. Miracles are constantly manifesting in my life.

This is one I personally love from A Box of Thoughts on Spirituality.

“God (or source) speaks to us every day, only we don’t know how to listen.”

“Being whole has a lot to do with acknowledging the spiritual part of our natures.”

Jan Karon, from A Box of Thoughts on Spirituality.

Spirituality is one of my passions in life, and I will be writing some thoughts and tips weekly here.

One of the important truths in life is that our thoughts become things, therefore it is important that we choose our thoughts wisely, making sure they are positive, at least most of the time. Because what we think about, focus on, repeatedly, we will create in our lives. What is interesting about this, is that the field of Spirituality has known this for years. Now science, in particular, quantum physics, is proving this to be true.

Where does Science come in?

This is an exciting time in our lives where Spirituality and Science are coming together. Since it is true that your thoughts become things, then you need to choose your thoughts wisely. Therefore you need to be conscious of what you are thinking during the day. Positive thoughts, or negative ones? Appreciations, or criticisms? Loving thoughts, or thoughts of fear?

“If you judge people (or your life) you have no time to love them (or it). ” Mother Teresa

We are all connected

We are all connected to each other, as well as connected to all living creatures and matter. All of us come from and are one with, the one source of creation. This can be called God, Source, Universe, or whatever name you are comfortable with.


God/Universe/ Energy/Source, is inside you, you are of, and one with this source of energy.

This I AM part of us is all-knowing, always present, and awesomely powerful. In other words, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent. Therefore, you can always consult with yourself for guidance. Listen to the still small voice inside to guide you, because this voice can be trusted. As well as listening to the still small voice, also feel what your gut reaction is telling you. Science has discovered that we have what can be described as a brain function in our gut, as well as in the brain in our head. Our gut reactions will tell us truths and guide us to make the best decisions IF we pay attention and listen.

These inside voices and feelings are often called our intuition. The words, I AM mean that You are one with the source, Universe, God whichever word you are comfortable with.

We all need to be mindful of the energy we are “putting out there”. Each person affects all in some way. I am sure you have noticed walking into a room and feeling the “vibes” so to speak. Is it relaxed or tense? Loving or negative? Have you ever experienced thinking a thought, and then have the other person say the same thing?… I was just thinking that! This often happens with partners who have been together for several years. These are small examples of how energy from the source flows through us all, therefore we need to be conscious of what vibes and thoughts we are contributing to the world around us.

Thought for the day…. What we think about most often in our minds is what we manifest in our lives.

As Ye think, so shall Ye be. Bible

Ask yourself, what do I think about each day? Are my thoughts positive or negative?

As I talk about in relationship news section, we need to Stop all Negativity, between partners, between friends, to our children, and most importantly, stop negative thoughts about self. Stop worrying about negative things and think happy, loving, and positive thoughts.

Some thoughts I have found over the years, that I like, for you to ponder; (I don’t remember who wrote them, so I apologize for not referencing the writers.)

“Thoughts become things! We become and create what we think about most of the time.”

“Holding onto old negative beliefs – replaying them – creates them to be true, over and over again. Our life stays true to our beliefs!”

“What is on the inside, shows up on the outside. Energy follows attention.”

“Anything that affects our thinking affects our lives, and nothing affects our thinking more than our beliefs! Make sure your thinking is positive, change your beliefs to be positive.”

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How to put this in practice?

I would like to share how I put all this into practice. Not that I do it perfectly all the time! I have been experimenting with this for many years, and I invite you to experiment yourself and see what works for you.

I have been a regular meditator for over 40 years, using Transcendental Meditation, so I start each morning with 20 minutes in meditation. After that, I mentally and verbally set my intentions for the day. Many spiritual writers talk about the increased power of speaking words aloud. I firstly start with…We are all one with Universe/Spirit/Energy/God (pick what you are comfortable with), let us all live, in peace, happiness, and love together, so that we create a loving world.

I then attempt to be mindfully aware throughout the day, by staying present with the Now of life and watching that I keep my thoughts positive. I attempt to not worry about past or future, trusting that life will unfold as it should. However, before each event of the day, I briefly think about my intention for the outcome. For example,…”We will all have a good meeting.” “We will have a fun and loving time together.” “All will go well.”
By setting intentions we use the energy to create the possibilities we wish for. I invite you to experiment with setting intentions.

Have a wonderful day, full of love and happiness.

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